Introduction: How to Beat the Final Boss on Resident Evil 5

Wesker is a really cool as the final boss for resident evil 5 but he is also really challenging. Im going to show you step by step how to beat him

Step 1: What You Will Need

What you need for this is just the essentials
Resident evil 5( I have the gold edition)
And in game it will be very recommended if you stock up on first aid spray( but thats just my opinion)

Step 2: Turn Off All the Lights

You have to turn off all the lights so wesker cant hit you as much as he normally does. WARNING: he will turn them back on and it will suck.
The first on is to the right of where you spawn in, the second one is right behind of the first one, the last one that works is behind you a little bit to the left


Now is your time to strike grab the rocket launcher to the left of where you spawn and get some sweet, sweet revenge. If you waste your shot (like i did) extra rockets are up the ladders on both sides from where you spawned and its in the middle of the catwalks. The rocket launcher process is time consuming but it is worth it.

Step 4: Shoot the Rocket

When you shoot the rocket launcher at him and he doesn't dodge it he will grab it. Thats your chance you got to drop the rocket launcher and shoot the rocket before he throws it away. He blows up from the rocket and you stick him with the needle that cancels his powers and cutscene of winning the boss fight :)