Introduction: How To: Build a Basic 2 Story House in Minecraft!!!

Hello everybody!
I am back with another simple and fun minecraft tutorial.....the reason im doing these instructables is because school has started (BOOOOOO) an i havent been able to craft as much

But as i always say i hope u like this instructable and i definitly hope u try it youself

LETS GET STARTED!!!! -> -> ->

Step 1: Floor

Ok so first u have to have a floor (am i rite...?) so build a base that is 10x10 and fill in (you can use any block u want im just using oak planks for the instructable...)

Step 2: Walls

Once u have made your base use your blocks and go up 3 for your walls

And once again fill in but dont make the ceiling yet..!
Altogether it should be 4 blocks high including the base block

Step 3: Stairs

pick a kind of block that you like and pick a stair that matches and place the blocks in a corner like in the picture

Then place stairs in front and some on top

Step 4: Ceiling

Ok now its time to make the 1st floor ceiling...
So take the kind of block that you want for a floor up there and make a box around your stairs like soooooo
I made mine 5x2
Now fill in everything except inside your box

Step 5: 2ND FLOOOOR!!!!!

Now literally you just have to do the same exact thing as you did for the 1st floor

Pretty easy right? ;)


Yay wasnt that easy

Now comes the more fun part.....DECORATING thats personaly my favorite part of the whole thing

The possiblities are endless
You can make a cute little couch, a four poster bed, a nice bookshelf, maybe even a balcony like i did

What ever you choose to do i hope you liked the instructable lots and i will see you next time!!!!!!!

BYEEEEE ILYASM!!!! <> <> <> <> <> <>