Introduction: How to Build a Minecraft Car

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Step 1: Wheels

First get coal blocks or a black block place the wheels 3 blocks between each other then the wheels 1 gap apart

Step 2: The Front Part of the Car

Place a section on 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long

Step 3: Decorating the Front

Put three pieces of carpet on the long end as show on each side

Step 4: Decorating the Front Part

In between the 3 carpets you put. Put a row of red carpet between that 3 carpets you put earlier as shown

Step 5: The Body

Behind the front wheels put a row of 3 three Quartz

Step 6: Body

Put one Quartz in front of the back wheels show here

Step 7: Adding the Driving Stuff

Between the quartz blocks you put yellow stained clay or any block you wish on top of that you need to put red wool

Step 8: Seat Wall

On each side of the red wool put a Quartz block

Step 9: The Back

On the back of that red wool and those two Quartz block put quartz stairs

Step 10: Back

Put quartz half slabs on the back of the quartz stairs

Step 11: Back

Put white carpet on the half slabs u put only on the left and right

Step 12: Midd

Put a red carpet in the middle of the white carpet

Step 13: Top

Put white carpet on the top quartz block in front of the stairs

Step 14: Dig

Dig out the floor right beside the seat as shown

Step 15: Interior

Put glass panes on the left side of the car

Step 16: Floor

Right next to the yellow seat cushion dig out 1 then put white wool

Step 17: Roof

Put carpet on the left side and one on the right top not the middle as shown if you don't under stand

Step 18: Door

Put a fence gate at the middle of the quartz block

Step 19: Trap Door

Put a trap door above the fence gate as shown

Step 20: The Roof

Put a carpet above the trapdoor as shown

Step 21: Roof Part Two

Put a trap door in front of the red wool

Step 22: Final

Put a red carpet on top of that trap door

Step 23: The Surroundings

Put signs all around the vehicle

Step 24: Enjoy

Put this in your world and show off that your