Introduction: How to Build a Shelter

I created this Instructable to how you how to make a shelter in case of an emergency. I made this instructable by myself an this is how you make one. You need some moss, sticks, and a soft idea changed to use moss and not use more sticks. This connected to my life cause I love outdoors and survival. Use lots and lots of sticks and a soft ground. Then stick the sticks in the ground and then placing a tarp from random materials. I made this Instructable at home and I learned to explore the outside world more. The most challenge in the process would be how many resources you have and where.

Step 1: Sticks

First you need to find lots and lots of sticks for the main body of the shelter.

Step 2: Soft Ground

Sticks need to go into the ground so you need to find a soft area of grass or mud.

Step 3: Tarp

This is the tricky part. Depending where you are the amount of resources may vary. Any of these resources will work. • Leaves • Dry/Dead grass • Bark • Clothing

Step 4: Time to Build

Now that you have all your materials it's time to start building. First, gather all your materials and lets get started.

Step 5: Building Part 1

Take the multiple sticks and shove them into the ground.

Step 6: Building Part 2

Take the materials for the tarp and carefully place them over the sticks.

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