Introduction: How to Build a Creeper

I made a model of a Creeper from he PC game called Minecraft. The creeper can move its head in a 360 degree area and the body can move its a very interesting model. For this project I use cardboard boxes and LOTS and LOTS of paint mostly green. I also used some wood blocks for the feet. I made it by first thinking of the idea, then I drew some boxes and colored them in copying off a picture from online. I got this idea because the game Minecraft is really popular and the creeper really is a nut shell of the game.

Step 1: My Story Part 2

I did not work with anyone on this project. As I was working through the model I decided to try different colors and even the boxes out more. I worked on this at home in my basement. Since I'm a fan I Minecraft, I thought it would be cool to express my feelings about the game. I learned that I need to do other things than just playing on a screen for hours. My biggest challenge was my sister who was bothering me and saying " Good job Stuart" ALL THE TIME. I am most proud of the head with the cool eyes and the drooping mouth. If I were to do it again I would even the boxes more and choose a different place to work.

Step 2: Supplies

This is what is need for the model project. • Two Cardboard Boxes • 8 small blocks of wood • Black Paint • Green Paint • White Paint • 1 Ruler And... • 1 Black Sharpie Marker

Step 3: Block Formation

Take the 8 blocks of wood and arrange them so they are in this position... ------- -------- ------- --------

Step 4: Creeper Head

The head of the creeper needs to be a little bit wider than the body so choose the larger box for the head.


The color of the creeper is made up of these colors. • Green • Light Green • White • Black • Light Light Green


The color formation is random so arrange the colors so they ate not all crammed up in one area. Use green and white for this part Do not forget to add a mouth and 2 eyes. Use gray and black for this part.

Step 7: Body of the Creeper

Use the skinner and longer box for this part. Use the ruler to align the boxes into even sized square shapes.


Use the green and black colors to do this step. Look back at step 5 for more info.

Step 9: The Finished Creeper

Put the body of the creeper on top of the blocks of wood and placer the head on top of everything. Thanks for reading. VOTE FOR TEEN CONTEST!!! Any questions send a Instructable to me wih questions at stustu48 for the username.

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