Introduction: How to Conserve More Battery on an IPhone

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We always hate when our iPhone says it has only 10% percent left, and no one likes charging them. Well here is a way to make your battery last longer and charge your phone faster.

What you need:
•iPhone(well duh)
•iPhone Charger
•iOS 9(however, this is optional, but I recommend downloading it)

Step 1: How to Save More Battery

Saving battery is really useful, and easy! If you need all these steps, I guarantee you your iPhone will last longer than usual!

Step 2: Turn Off Bluetooth If You Don't Need It

Bluetooth drains a lot of energy even if you don't have it on, so this would be an effective way if you want to save more battery

Step 3: Turn on Low Power Mode

This only works for iOS 9. You go in setting, then go to battery, you should see low battery mode. When turning it on the power bar should turn yellow instead of black/red. Low power mode turns off visual effects, brightness, background app refresh, etc. This, for some unfortunate reason, works on your iPhone, not iPad. It can save up to 3 EXTRA HOURS of battery life.

Step 4: Turn Off Brightness

I recommend turning half the brightness because low brightness hurts my eyes. But this would be a good way.

Step 5: Turn on Airplane Mode When Not Using WiFi

When reading a book on your phone, or playing a game, you should turn on airplane mode. But, you can turn on airplane mode AND use WiFi, I don't know if it saves battery.

Step 6: Hoped I Help Your Battery Problems :)

If this get enough views I will post another one on "How To Charge Your Battery Faster". Anyways, have a good day :)