Introduction: How to Clean a Western Saddle

How to clean a western saddle. There are some optional things. They will have an *

Step 1: What U Need

The items you will need: Western saddle Saddle soap Saddle conditioner 2 Sponges 1 or 2 rags *toothbrush *jewelry cleaner *Suede brush *Suede eraser

Step 2: Washing

Use the saddle soap with a sponge and a bit of water. Use it in a circular motion. Wait till all if the suds are gone and wipe it with a rag. (This will get the surfaced dirt off the saddle)

Step 3: Conditioning

Use a sponge with conditioner on it and run in everywhere on the saddle. (I suggest taking off the stirrups so u can get everything clean.)

Step 4: Cleaning the "jewelry"

Use the jewelry cleaner and toothbrush to clean the "jewelry" on the saddle. ( be VERY careful not to get any on the saddle) if u need to get more stuff off the "jewelry", u can make a paste with baby powder and jewelry cleaner.

Step 5: Cleaning the Suede

Use the suede eraser to erase any stains. Use the suede brush to get rid of the eraser shavings and restore the nap of the suede.

Step 6: Enjoy!

If u have any questions please comment!!! And please be careful with your saddle!!!!!