Introduction: How To: Create Your Own T-Shirt

This instructable will show you how to create your own T-Shirt for your own reasons, or even advertisement, linking this Instructable to my How To: Create you're own Business. I will be using the logo from my own business, "Heavily Armoured Studios © " and showing you how I simply, put it on a shirt.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need in order to create this instructable:

- White, Black, or Coloured T-shirt, depending on which type of transfers you have.
- White, Black, or Coloured T-Shirt Iron on Transfers.
- You're own Logo, or a Picture you have found that you would like to use.
- A computer, which I assume you will have, a Printer and Black and Colour Printer Cartridges.
- An Iron on Press, and or Iron, DO NOT use an Ironing Board if the instructions say NOT to. 

Step 2: The Design

First, what you'll need to do, is find, or create your own design. For my T-Shirt, I took my Business Logo, 'Heavily Armoured Studios' and decided to use it on the shirt, both for creating the shirt, and also advertising (What good Business doesn't have a shirt, right?). I created my design on Illustrator, a program used on the computer to draw and create things, digitaly. Be sure to put the paper into the Printer, but also, make sure you put it in on the right side! Remember, when the paper goes through the printer, the side facing down at the beginning is actually the back, so, when the paper flips around, the printer will put the image on the side that is facing down. This means, if you put the wrong side down, you will have the picture, on the back (Not a good idea!).

Step 3: Reflecting on the Past

Next, what you'll need to do, after you've found the image you are going to use, or one you have created, is reflect it, so it shows up in mirror form. What this means, is that it has to practicly be backwards. The reason for this, is when the T-Shirt transfer is put on, it must be backwards, so it will show up, regular, to others when looking at it. Now that you've created it, put the paper in the printer, it is time to print it out! The pictures I have included show you how to make your printer realize what type of paper you are printing out, be sure to do this! They are in order.

Step 4: Printing the Legend

Now that you've printed it out, you'll need to cut around the page. I suggest cutting as close as you can, without taking anything off of the paper, instead of making a shape, such as I did on my shirt. The reason for this, is that the shirt will feel like the paper, glossy and shiny, and won't be the same colour. If you want your shirt to look better, with higher 'standards', keep that in mind. Next, grab the shirt, and you're printed off masterpiece, and head over to you're Press / Iron.

Step 5: Imprinting the Legend

Last of all, it's time to get your design onto the shirt. Remember to peal off the back side of the paper before continuing. Be sure to warm up the Press or Iron before doing this step. Place the shirt on the surface you are going to Iron on, or, if you are using a press, like I am, place the shirt on the provided Press table. Place the design wherever you would like it, I suggest in the middle, because Humans are always the center of everything, and begin Ironing, or Pressing. My Press only took one, 60 second press time in order for the design to fully be imprinted on the T-Shirt. Once you are finished, remove the piece of paper and you're shirt shall be done!

Step 6: Shirts; for the People!

Now you have you're masterpiece! Your shirt is finished, and, you can show it off! Remember some key things about your shirt, that, the Iron-on transfering papers instructions may tell you about. Mine included not washing the shirt, for 72-78 hours, and, making sure to wash it inside out, every time. As long as you can remember these, and be sure to wear it a lot, your shirt will last for a good amount of time! Now get out there, and bring shirts to the people!