Introduction: How to Customize Your Room

Step 1: Your Room

What are some things you want in your room? Make a plan and purchase or make things to customize your room! Here are some ideas.

Step 2: Idea 1: Beanbag Chair

Rooms are a place to relax and chill out so bean bags are perfect for lounging around. Get a cool print or color to custamize it and work with your rooms theme!

Step 3: Idea 2: Cute Chair

You don't need to perchase an expensive chair. Just toss a sheepskin rug or other cool fabric over it to make it look brand new!

Step 4: Idea 3: Wall Mural

A picture on your wall is a great way to modernize your room. Get a picture off the internet and trace it onto your wall and paint! This tree mural on my wall isn't finished yet but it will have blossoms blowing off of it.

Step 5: Idea 4: Garbage Can

Every room needs a garbage can! Buy one or glue pictures on an old one.

Step 6: Idea 5: Mirror Cabnet

This project will take a little to build or you can purchas one for up to $300!!! To build it costs about $20 and is very worth the time!!! Just buy boards and staple them together and build a frame around the mirror ad attach them with screws and a magnet so you can open and shut them. Google more information to help or do what i did and play it by ear!

Step 7: Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add personality to the room.

Step 8: Last Idea

Light switch covers! Use tape or sharpy or jewels to custamize them. I used electrical tape to make zebra stripes which matched my room theme.