Introduction: How to Do a Yoga Handstand

Taking the fear out of hand

Step 1: New Step

Start about a foot from a wall with your hands shoulder with the car index fingers pointing towards 12 o'clock in fingers spread wide like starfish

Step 2: Start

extend into a Down Dog feet hip with a part , your balance will come from your abs not your hands get your thoughts out of the hands into your core.

Step 3: Priming

Don't try for the handstand at first. Just start in down dog lift one leg up to the sky firm and straight.NO BEND IN THE KNEE. Begin doing a little little hop with the standing leg with the straight leg really reaching strongly to the sky. Its the same principle as if you were doing a standing karate kick. That as you kick hard with the straight leg it pulls the other leg try it. So when your in down dog in the straight leg kicks to the sky with a little help from the standing leg it will be lifted lightly of the ground.

Step 4: Lifting Off

Begin practicing with both side. Most likely if you are right handed it will be easier to keep the right leg straight your opposite side will feel very dysfunctional. But because the opposite side feels so odd you will more likely will land a handstand because you will not kick up with so much power. The key is lightness and finesse not power you should not get to overly tired as you practice both side kicking up. Inhale and then exhale kick up. Reset. at first you will only get about 4 inches off the ground with you're standing leg. That's okay because its training you not to fear being upside down.

Step 5: As You Practice

As you begin to practice this on a regular basis you can start drawing the standing leg up to your straight leg. That's where the handstand will begin. Look for my next instructable on another version of kicking up to handstand once you have accomplished this that one will be your next step. See you soon enjoy turning your world upside down