How to Do Stop Motion Animation

Introduction: How to Do Stop Motion Animation

This is a simple thing that can be really fun and cool

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need a iPod touch or I phone with a app called i motion HD you can get it in the App Store.I am using a wood character but you can use Legos clay zen magnets or almost anything

Step 2:

Take what you are using to animate and pose it for the photos.Next open i motion HD and hit make new movie and push manual just if this is your first its the most simple.After that take photos once you are done with your first move the item a little bit and take another picture.Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the pictures you have taken once done with that hit stop p.s. pointing a light on what your animation will turn out better in the end

Step 3:

You are now done i hope you enjoy'd this quick tutorial if you don't like I motion HD you can use stop motion studio but just so you know lego movie maker isn't good at all thanks for doing please leave comments if you liked it or if I should change something I will be posting a new instructable next week on zen magnets so thanks

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    banana man123
    banana man123

    9 years ago

    Thanks I just don't have a tripod for a iPod touch


    9 years ago

    Mount the camera on a pod or some sort of vise like clamp. That way the pictures are stable at the source and only the object being animated is moving. Also if you get really into stop motion animation I would suggest using better camera and using actual computer software; photoshop, flash, Vegas studio,etc..