Introduction: Lego Vending Machine

This is a little more of a challenge but is a fun and exciting build

Step 1: The Pieces

If you have done some of my other instructables you should know the color of the pieces do not matter

Step 2: Section One

Take a jumper and well... Take a jumper

Step 3:

Get 2 2x1 plates and push them together

Step 4:

Take this weird price and place it on top of your base

Step 5:

Get a 1x2 brick and put it on the weird price in the back

Step 6:

Get 2 wall flat curve prices and place them so it is like a little shelf then set it of to the side

Step 7: Section Two

Take another weird piece and flip it over

Step 8:

Take a 1x1 with hole in it and make it so its Even with the rest o it an so it's connected by the top

Step 9:

Get your bottom Layer and connect it on top

Step 10:

Get a 1x1 plate and place it so the top is connected to the brick with hole in it on the back

Step 11:

Next get a 1x2 brick and place it on the back of the weird piece

Step 12:

Take a 1x2 clear piece and and put it in front of the brick

Step 13:

Next take two 1x2 plates and place them on top of the two bricks

Step 14:

Next do the same thing as you did on step 11 and 12 on the two plates

Step 15:

Next take one 1x2 and put it on the left on the two bricks

Step 16:

Next take a jumper and place it on top of the plate and set the so far model of to the side

Step 17: Section Three

Take a 1x2 brick and ya

Step 18:

Take a 1x1 brick with a side building thing and put it on top of the brick

Step 19:

Take arch piece and place it on top of the brick in the order shown

Step 20:

Next take a control looking piece and slap it on the brick with the thing in the side

Step 21:

Next take a 1x2 tile and place it on top of the arch

Step 22: Final Section

Take the two structures and place one on top of the other in the order shown

Step 23: Final Step

Now your mini figures can enjoy a awesome beverage or snack Thanks for well... Doing :)