Introduction: How to Doctor Who-inize Your Room

About: I love doctor who, futurama , and sci-fi shows and books (HP,hunger games,Enders game,Percy Jackson etc.) and most of all I love making stuff related to my fandoms.
A lot of people are whovians and love doctor who I am going to explain how to
- make a mural of the inside of the TARDIS on your wall
- make a doctor who themed pencil holder
-how to make a Bowie shaped pillow

Step 1: Get Some Paper

You are going to need to make a basic drawing of what you want on your wall

Step 2: Make a More Detailed Drawing and Scale It

You have to make a detailed drawing to the basic one was to practice on you can practice your scale on the basic one so when you get to your detailed one it looks nice. You scale it by dividing the number of pages needed by the inches on the paper drawing you are scaling.

Step 3: Put Up the Paper You Are Putting the Mural On

If you are a kid like me your parents won't let you paint your walls so putting up paper and painting on it is the best you can do. So all you have to do is grab some tape and tape the paper to the wall

Step 4: Make a Basic Drawing on the Paper

Just use a pencil and scratch it in. If you are using clear tape like me you will not be able to pencil on tape but that is ok

Step 5: Now You Want to Add Sharpie to the Sketch

Just go over the lines with a sharpie or another marker just make sure it goes over tape

Step 6: Get Some Paint and Paint It

Just go get some paint and paint it whatever color you want. I went to the dollar store and bought some tape

Step 7: Time to Make a Doctor Who Themed Pencil Holder

Step 8: Get Your Stuff Together

You need
- a tin can
- measuring tape that can bend round
- pencils
- markers or pens or colored pencils

Step 9: Measure and Make

Measure the can and cut the paper to the size of the can add a little extra to the end so you can glue or tape it draw you design (I did a TARDIS and bowties are cool design) and tape it to the can. This could be for you or a friend.

Step 10: Now Make a Bowties Pillow

Step 11: Get Your Supplies

You need
- a pillow case
- a sewing machine or sewing glue
- stuffing for inside the pillow
- a piece of cloth to wrap around the pillow

Step 12: Get Your Pillowcase

Get your pillow case fill it to your preferences of stuffing and glue or stitch the end closed so it looks like a pillow

Step 13: Get Your Cloth

Now get your cloth wrap it tight around your pillow and tie it so that it looks like a bowtie and you have a bowtie pillow
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