Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Cat With Kittens!

About: Hey! My name is Isabelle (izzy) and I love drawing!! I also like making things, sewing and collaging!!

You will need: paper, a pencil, felt-tip pens (red, orange, yellow, green and blue are the best colours to have, but you must have black) and your imagination! :)

Step 1: Two Little Circles

Draw two little circles just touching each other. This will be your mother cat's eyes.

Step 2: A Triangle and Two Curvy Lines

Draw an upside-down triangle and two curly lines. This is the mother cat's nose and mouth.

Step 3: Smaller Circles and Little Black Ovals

Draw a smaller circle inside each eye then add the pupil (black bit in an eye).

Step 4: Head, Ears, Whiskers and Inner Ears!

Draw the details as shown above!

Step 5: Body and Tail

Draw the body and tail as shown.

Step 6: We Three Kittens!

Draw three ovals that have tails. It makes it look cuter if the tails are pointing different ways!

Step 7: Heads of the Kittens!

Draw the heads of the kittens. Only draw half of the heads as the other halves are hidden behind the kitten's tubby bodies!

Step 8: Legs of the Mother Cat

Draw the legs, and join up the gaps

Step 9: The Fun Bit!

First retrace the outline of the cartoon in black ink, it doesn't matter if you use felt-tips or fountain pen but I am using felt-tips today.

Step 10: Colouring In!

Colour the cat and kittens in however you want!

Step 11: Comment!

Please comment on how yours went and any tips, I welcome them!! Thanks for viewing! Please favourite or add me!