Introduction: How to Draw a Simple Anime Character (girl)

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Hello! Today I will show you how to draw a simple anime character. You only need:
•1x HB pencil
•1x rubber
• Paper
So now you've got that, let's get started!

Step 1: Eye

The one I've done only shows one eye. You can do two, if you like. You may also like to draw eyelashes and other details. Go ahead!

Step 2: Head

With the head, it isn't too hard to do since I am only doing a side view.

Step 3: Facial Expressions

Time to draw some expression on your character. You can do anything you want. I added a guide, too. Mines embarrassed.

Step 4: Hair

Draw your hair. I have a guide for hair, as well.

Step 5: Done!

You have finished your Anime Character!

I would appreciate it if you left comments and tell me what you think, what I should draw next, and also show me how your drawings turned out.

I am more than happy to draw more things for you, and you are more than welcome to tell me where to improve my drawings. I am open to any comments.

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