Introduction: How to Dubstep Beatbox

This instructable will teach you how to beatbox..... Dubstep! 

Step 1: Intro

Listen to many different dubstep songs, paying close attention to how the percussion is arranged. Notice how the kick drums and snares work together and form the song, as this is a signature part of how dubstep songs are created.

Step 2: Lets Go

Create the kick drum sounds with your mouth, pressing together your lips to form a "P"-like sound. Not all kick drums sound the same, therefore you may play around with your own personal rendition of this musical instrument. Try using a "B"-like sound to create alternative kick drum sounds with your mouth.

Step 3: "ch"

Make a "ch" sound with your mouth, representing the short but precise sound of the snare drum. The snare drum follows the kick drums and hits on the third quarter note of the bar. Because dubstep uses a broken beat loop throughout the songs, this snare drum typically represents the final percussion note of the bar.

Step 4: Alternation

Alternate sounds and tempos to mimic the dubstep percussion in the example songs. While not all drum beats of dubstep songs are the exact same, many follow this 140 beats-per-minute formula. 

Step 5: Final

Continue practicing beatboxing this percussion style with your mouth until you are satisfied with the results.