Introduction: How to Fix a Broken IPod Charging Cord

My iPod is actually almost dead while I am making this instructable, and actually does die before I finish it.

Step 1: The Problem

Here's the problem! After about two years of constant use, way into the wee hours of the night, my iPod cord broke right at the base of the plug. I should throw in the towel, accept that I had a good run with this cord, and go buy a new one right? WRONG!

Step 2: What You Need

-Broken iPod cord
-A flat working surface(for me it's my bathroom floor)
-A knife, not the sharpest, as you will be doing some delicate cutting
-Scissor, or for me the cutter in my multi-tool
-One heat shrink tube, I had some, but you can get them at radio shack
-Electrical tape
-White tape for structural purposes

Step 3: Open It Up!

With the knife, very carefully separate the outer casing for the plug. Mine came apart rather easily, but be careful as to not cut anything inside, or to cut you!

Step 4: Here's What You Have

This is what you should see, simply remove to plastic case.

Step 5: Time to Cut!

Cut the wire where it broke at. Not at the plug! You could probably re-solder the connection from here, but I don't have to tools for that.
Remove the plug head from the thick rubber piece and you should have about half an inch of wire to work with. This is perfect!
Remove the rubber outside from the plug wire, and you should see the wires wrapped in a foil.

Step 6: Remove the Foil

Remove the foil to expose enough wire to work with. Separate the wires on the plug wire and plug head

Step 7: Very Carefully Now!

Here is the most delicate part. If your knife is too sharp you run the risk of cutting through the wires. Mine was a little dull, but that was perfect. Just start cutting the red and black rubber to expose the wire. Do this slowly!!! You should feel when you meet the wire with your blade. Stop cutting once you feel it! Work your way around the wire and carefully remove the rubber housings. Do this for both the plug wire and plug head.

Step 8: Here Is Where I Died

My iPod actually died at this point, but no pictures are really needed. At this point slide the heat shrink tubing onto the plug wire down past the exposed wires. You will use this soon. Simply twist together the corresponding wires to make the connection. At this point I warped a small piece of electrical tape around each individual pairing. Not a lot, just once over to keep the wires from touching. The I wrapped one piece around the entire grouping. At this point just slide the heat shrink tubing up and over the area you are working. I used a butane lighter to shrink the tubing, but you can use a regular one as long as you are careful. After it has cooled down, replace the plastic plug casing you removed in the first step

Step 9: Tada!

Now the plastic case may not snap back together. If you look it goes a certain way, and once you find that you can do once of two things. Either run a small bead of super glue along the edge before you press it together, or do like I did and wrap some tape around it. Plug it in and test it out, it should be running like a champ! Enjoy !

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