Introduction: How to Freeze a Lock Off!

***Disclaimer*** The following is for informational purposes only, i take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge. i can not be held responsible for any property or medical damages caused by using this technique.
Freeze a lock off with compressed air cans used for computer dusting. Watch the lock crack in half.
Watch the video for an overview.

Step 1: Supplies

the supplies you'll need

- 1 standard padlock

-2 cans of compressed air
the kind used to blow the dust out of you computer

-1 hammer

Step 2: Attach You Lock to a Secure Latch

Insure that your lock is attached to a secure latch as we'll be striking it with a hammer.

Step 3: Spray the Lock With the Compressed Air

First, turn the air canister upside down and begin to spray the lock. By turning it upside down you're actually spraying 1,1,1-Trifluoroethane which cools the metal lock to -67 degrees fahrenheit! Frost will immediately begin to from on and around the lock.

Step 4: Strike the Lock With a Hammer

When the compressed air cans are empty, very carefully and very forcefully strike the lock with a hammer. The lock should either shatter off the post completely , or fracture around the post!

Congratulations! You've smashed off a frozen lock!