Introduction: How to Get a Great Sleep

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I know this isn't really anything very... DIY kind of thing but I thought everyone could use this

Step 1: Lotion

Beauty is also in this process... But if you are a guy, these are still great tips for sleeping. Lotion is a great way to get a good sleep and still wake up beautiful/handsome. Put lotion on hands, arms, feet, anywhere. But for your face maybe put sleeping cream. Lotion will not affect your face negatively so lotion will also do. I recommend Burt's Bees radiance day cream... As shown in this picture. Putting lotion on will make you wake up so smooth! I mean it! Have bumps on your face... Rough marks on your arms? Lotion before you sleep because you wont touch anything but sheets and your own skin.

Step 2: Makeup= OFF

Before going to sleep, take off all makeup, baby whips are VERY useful. Makeup while sleeping means bad looking face in the morning. Like I said, putting things for your face BEFORE you sleep is ok. Its meant for sleep. No makeup!

Step 3: Lipstick

This is not makeup. Lipstick softens your lips. At night putting this on will make them softer in the morning. Especially in winter. eos is what I use and I have no cracks during the winter.

Step 4: Relaxation.

Relaxation is the key! Take a nice hot bath, if you don't have a bath. Just take a shower or at least soak your feet in a bucket of warm water. Put a candle beside your bed in the dark and read a book JUST before your about to get to sleep. Books make you tired. The light and smell of the candle will relax you. Blow out the candle and cover it so you don't start a fire or get smoke in your room. Wear a sleeping mask if needed. This keeps light from your sight.

Step 5: What Is Your Room?

Room= sleep! Don't stay in your room on your bed all day. You need to work in your office or watch TV in the living room. Your room is now only for sleeping. Now Im not saying ditch the room. I admit I stay in my room a tun and it makes my sleeping harder. So don't stay in your room 24/7. This picture is me in bed when I was smaller, my mom tried to wake me up with a bright light so I put my shades on and Went to sleep... LOL

Step 6: No Electronics Before Bed

THIS IS HARD!!!! Im addicted to my iPhone. But you don't need to strain your eyes. Really this us bad. So no electronics D:

Step 7: No Sweets or Drinks Before Bed

Ok guys, no sweets. This jacks everyone up! Especially children. This will keep you up all night. You know this. But I bet your wondering "Why no drinks?" Well you can drink, just sips though. You don't wanna wake up in the middle of the night having to use it. Take sips. No soda, just water. When you wake up try to drink the whole cup of water, while sleeping you get dehydrated and also starved so eat a breakfast!

Step 8: The Way You Sleep

If you can, sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side can make your face get scrunched up and leave marks. This will leave your face looking young

Step 9: I Cant Sleep! What Do I Do?!?!

Think about things that you like. Or even make up things. Have you ever wanted to plan what you dream about? Well here it is! Think about the beginning, middle, and end of what you want to dream about BEFORE you shut your eyes. This will help you get your mind off sleep and you can control what you think about.

Step 10: Done!

Enjoy your wonderful sleep! :)