Introduction: How to Grill Trout

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Hi everyone, Today I am going to show you how to grill trout. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: The Ingredients

You need the following ingredients to make your trout...





Herbs (optional)

That's it, You need only five ingredients!!

Step 2: The Preparation

This recipe requires minimal prep, Making it great for camping trips. Here is what you need to do.

Rinse trout.

Pat dry with paper towel.

Place on square of aluminum foil.

Apply salt and pepper to your liking.

Stuff with thin lemon slices.

Wrap with foil.

It is now time to cook!

Step 3: The Grilling

Now that all of your prep is done it is time to grill the trout. Here is how I did mine.

Preheat grill to medium temp. (I used a Weber Spirit three burner, leaving the middle burner off.)

Toss the fish in the middle and let it cook for 6-10 minutes on each side.

Now it is time to eat!

Step 4: The Eating

Now is the time to see if all your hard work paid off! Throw that trout on your plate and dig in!! Enjoy your easy, delicious trout.

I hoped you enjoyed my instructable! If you did, feel free to follow me!