Introduction: How To: Hibiscus Tea (Agua De Jamaica)

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Lawwwdd Yeezzuss it's hot in Cali!! This hot weather has called for a cool & refreshing drink... my go to: Agua de Jamaica. Here are the simple steps to make this refreshing tea!

Step 1: Boil

First you need to boil 4 cups of water

Step 2: Add Hibiscus Calyces

As the water continues to boil, add 1/2 cup of Hibiscus calyces. They are really easy to find in most grocery stores under the "hispanic" isle or at any local market.

Step 3: Boil & Stir

Boil the water and hibiscus for 2 minutes and stir frequently.

Step 4: Cool

Remove from heat and let cool for about 10 minutes, or as much as needed.

Step 5: Strain

Once it has completely cooled down, strain the mixture and throw away the hibiscus calyces. You can add the remaining 4 cups of cold water and sugar at this point. I however, like to serve individually to better control my sugar intake :)

Step 6: Serve

If you prefer to serve it individually like me...

Pour ice on cup, add 1/2 hibiscus water and 1/2 cold water, and sugar/splenda or whatever type of sweetener that you prefer.

Stir and enjoy!

Hibiscus tea aka Agua de Jamaica is my all time favorite Mexican drink! It is soon refreshing and yes it looks pretty :)

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