How to Install a New Keyboard on to You IPhone

Introduction: How to Install a New Keyboard on to You IPhone

This is how you can change your font on your iPhone

Step 1: Installing Your Keyboard Software

First you must download a keyboard app from the App Store, then open it

Step 2: Making It Happen

Then it will give you instructions (if you want to use the instructions from the app go ahead)

Now once you have the software go to your settings, then click "General " then scroll down until you find "Keyboard" and click it. Then you click "Keyboards" then click "Add New Keyboard" then scroll through in till you find a keyboard that represents something close to the name of the app you downloaded, then click it.

It will add automagically and you will need to give it full access ( it will be able to track what you type) to do this you need to go back to the list of keyboards, then click on it and switch it on!

Step 3: Turning It On!!

Now you have to tune it on

First go to notes and make a new note!

Then click the world icon on the keyboard close to the space. Then it should cycle thought the keyboards and it will open up your keyboard.

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