Introduction: How to Jail Break Your Iphone or Ipod Touch

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Jail Breaking is using software other than apple's ios software
there are pros and cons to jail breaking you iPod

- you can do a lot of cool things with you iPod that the apple software doesn't allow
- You can customize many parts of your device
-you can get all apps free and all in app purchases free

- Jail breaking prohibits your warranty
- Some programs can run slow
- if you update your ios without upgrading you jailbreak your jailbreak can go away
- if you don't back up your iPod to the computer before putting it into dfu mode every thing on your iPod that isn't saved to the computer  will go away

Step 1: What You Need

- A computer with iTunes
- an iPod touch or an iPhone
- a usb charging cable

Step 2: Step 1

You will need to find a website withe the jailbreak software
if they make you pay for it don't it is a scam jailbreak software is free

if your iPod or iPhone if fully updated like mine is you will need to use the evasi0n 6.1.2 software

So first download the software but don't run it yet

Step 3: Step 2

Now you will need to back up your iPod to iTunes
so when you are putting your iPod in dfu mode nothing will be lost

in case you wondering dfu mode is resetting you i device so it is in the factory default  settings

Step 4: Step 3

Now you will need to run the jailbreak software

once the jailbreak soft ware is done you have successfully jail broken your i device
you wont notice any differences until you open up your iPod
you should see an app called cydia
this is the app where you download all the cool tweaks and themes

Step 5: Finished

Now you have a successfully jail broken i-device
You can now brag to your friends about all the cool stuff your i-device can do

I would suggest that the basic tweaks you should get to start off are
- Barrel- this controlls how you want your apps to scroll
- winter board- this is mainly for themes
- dreamboard- this is also for themes
- unfold- instead of swiping to unlock you unfold to unlock
- springtomize 2 - this allows you to customize many parts of your device

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