Introduction: How to Jailbrake Your IPhone/iPod Touch - Mac Users

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In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch. Please note that you cannot jailbreak the iPhone 3GS using this tutorial. Also I'll be covering both Mac operating system. Make sure you restore to the firmware before you jailbreak. Please also note this is a tutorial for Mac users not Windows users

Step 1: Download Files

Step 2: Unzip Files

**Unzip the "redsn0w" zip file you downloaded

**Open up the unzipped folder. In this here you will find a program named "redsn0w"

Step 3: Redsnow

** launch the redsn0w program.

**Click on the browse button and go to the ipsw firmware file that you downloaded for your device above.

Step 4: Patching Process

**redsn0w will now identify the firmware file once it has done click on the next button

**The firmware file will now be patched

Step 5: Prepare Files

**Once that's done you you will have the option to install Cydia on your device. Click the box if not already ticked and click on the next button.

**Do as the program tells you to do, then once you have click the next button.

Step 6: Final Step

**Now once again do as the program says, if it doesn't work just click the back button and try again.

**When you have done the steps correctly, the device's screen will go white this is normal. The program will now send the jailbreaking files and the screen will change to show you the progress and what is going on

Step 7: Your Done

**Once the device has restarted you can now close the redsn0w program as everything is now done.
**The device has been jailbroken successfully

Step 8: But Wait

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