Introduction: Installing 5.50gen-D Onto Your Psp

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**Not responsible if your psp bricks during the hacking process. if you follow the directions you should be good.**

***RAR is needed to unrar contents***

now this tutorial is to upgrade your psp frimware to 5.50gen-d and also can be upgraded through 5.00m33-6.
its easy and simple and the files are all in one so i hope you find it simple and please subscribe for more upcoming tutorials

Step 1: Downloading Neccesary Files

to upgrade your current version download this packet from megaupload

Step 2: Unrar Contents

extract the folder using RAR
you should now have the following
** a folder thats doc**

Step 3: Move the Files

these are the files from the downloaded packet and
plug in your psp

1.     copy the 550.PBP file to the root of your memory stick
2.      open up the psp folder from the downloaded packet
3.     then open the game folder and there should be a update folder
4.     then copy the update folder to your psp game folder on your  memory stick

Step 4: Run As Application

1.   now un plug your psp and go to your xmb
2.   there should be a update app under the game category 
3.   run the app and then select     Flash Install CFW 5.50GEN-D
4.    let it install

Step 5: Get Games,movies,homebrew Apps and More

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