Introduction: How to Kill Ants (Not Aunts!) the Organic Way

I made this instructable to answer the Life's Burning Questions: how to get rid of ants.
I have seen this concoction on quite a few websites so, this is not my recipe.

Step 1: How to Concoct It

You will need:
1 Gallon of water
1/4 Cup orange oil
1/4 Cup Blackstrap Molasses
Some sort of sprayer (or you can just pour it on the bed)

Simply mix together all of the ingredients.

Note: makes enough for one ant bed.

Step 2: The Spraying/Pouring

Start by spraying a ring around the ant bed and spiral inward to the center, then spray in one place and let the ant's tunnels do the work for you. You might want to make more than one tunnel (see picture) in order to spread the mix evenly.

Step 3: The End (if You Did It Right)

THE END! (hopefully)

Make sure you soak the ground VERY well so that no ants survive.