Introduction: How to Ladder Loom Bracelet

Step 1: Starting the Border

First you are going to start with the loom arrows facing upward. Then you have to place a rubber band from the middle pig to the left peg then the middle peg to the right peg.

Step 2: Doing the Border

Then you take the side on the left or the right then fill it up with bands until you reach the end then you have to go to the peg in the middle at the top and put a band from the last peg on the right or left side to the middle top peg and continue that on the other side.

Step 3: Starting the Pattern

Put a band across every left and right pegs. You might want to use a different color for this step.

Step 4: Doing the Inside of the Bracelet

You want to put bands in the middle of the loom on top of the bands that we did in step 3.

Step 5: Capping Bands

Put capping bands on the top middle peg and the bottom middle peg and flip your loom around

Step 6: Looping the Bands

Start at the bottom peg and push back the capping band and pull the third to last band (of that peg) up an onto the next peg. Repeat this step until you get to the end of your loom.

Step 7: Repeating

Repeat step three on top of the lopped bands in the center using the same colored rubber bands that you used for step three.

Step 8: Repeating But With the Border

Repeat step 6 but do it with the border and start from the middle bottom peg and go to the left or right. And be carful and slow because if you go to fast they could break! And grab the last band instead of the third to last band.

Step 9: Finishing It

Take the last band and loop onto the top middle band.

Step 10: Securing It

Stick your hook through all the rubber bands at the top, put a rubber band at the and of the hook and the other end hold it with your finger and attach it with an S clip.

Step 11: Making an Extension

Once your done with your bracelet make an extension by turning your loom like the beginning and but it in a straight line and make it about 4 bands then loop them and pull it off and add it to your bracelet

Step 12: Finished!

Follow all of these steps and you will have an awesome bracelet with an awesome design!