Introduction: How to Make a "Secret Container" Out of a LIGHTER

Wanna learn How To Make a Secret Container Out Of a Lighter?

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Disposing of about 1x2" of free space, you can use it to hide keys, joints, folded bills, etc.

It looks and works EXACTLY as an empty lighter, but if you LIFT the button (instead of push it), it will open the container revealing the content.

Learn now how to make it

Step 1: You'll Need...

- an empty Lighter
- the inner part of a Pen
- a saw
- a piece of sandpaper
- a piece of tape
- a clamp
- a cutter or a knife

Step 2: Cut Off the White Cap

start cutting at 0.3" from the bottom of the lighter using the cutter or the knife in order to make a "path" for the saw, then use it to completely remove the white cap.

But carefully! You need it in a good state.

Step 3: Disassemble the Lighter

disassemble the lighter, remove ANY part you can remove, without losing anything.

You can use a screwdriver or just your finger.

Step 4: Expand the Free Space

When you have just the plastic body of the lighter, carefully start to expand the free space inside (using the cutter, scissors, a screwdriver, etc), cutting away and removing any useless part.

Step 5: Fit the White Cap

then, you need to clean the cap out of the plastic. Use the sandpaper to blunt the cap and the inner side of the lighter untill the cap fits very well.

Step 6: Re-assemble the Lighter

re-assemble the top of the lighter

Step 7: Insert the Pen

take the inner part of the pen and fold it (a bit longer of the lighter's lenght),

hold it with a piece of tape,

cut away 0.1" from the tip of the pen..

then insert it inside the lighter.

that represent the opening mechanism of the secret container.

Step 8: Tap the Lighter With the White Cap

tap the lighter with the white cap ...and Enjoy :-)

Thank You for Your Attention.

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