How to Make a CFL Grow Light

Introduction: How to Make a CFL Grow Light

About: I love to build grow lights and grow with hydroponics.

In 2008 I came up with this idea to build a CFL grow light while wandering the hardware store and saw dryer vent pipes that were similar in shape to the commercial grow lights that you buy online.  They were highly reflective and the best part was that they only cost a few bucks.  I gathered all the parts that day into my cart...vent, lamp cord, dual outlet, ect and had this all put together in about 15 minutes at home.  I posted the video in January of 2009 on YouTube and today have nearly 500,000 views.  Many people have duplicated it and shared photos with their builds and mods off this original concept which I have posted on my website.  I thought I'd share the original here on Instructables.

More information on CFL grow lights are on my website ( as well as photos of others who have sent me their photos, parts list, and recommended bulbs.

This is cheap, fast, easy...and you will love the results!

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    9 years ago

    this would be easy to replicate no problem. my problem is that I don't understand fully how the lighting works. I've read that LED lights work best but they don't produce much heat. the types of lights to use just confuses me