Introduction: How to Make a Cheer Bow

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Here is how to make a cute bow that can be used for anything like decorations or hair accessorys.

Step 1: Materials

1 spool of 1/2" ribbon (I used grey) 1 spool of 1" ribbon (I used blue) Needle and thread Nail polish Scissors Hot glue gun Glitter (optional)

Step 2: Making the Bow Head

Cut 4 pieces of blue ribbon 6" (change the length depending on what size bow you want. Do the same with two pieces of grey ribbon. Place the two blue pieces together and put hot glue on the grey piece. Place it on the seam of the blue ribbons. Next fold the bow in half. Sew from the edge of the blue ribbon to the edge of the grey, to the other side of the grey, and back to the edge of the blue. When you pull tightly the edges should fold inwards. Add nail polish to the ends of the ribbon. Do the same with the other pieces of ribbon.

Step 3: Connecting the Ribbon Heads

Cut out one piece of 5" grey ribbon. Place the two bow heads together right side up. Hot glue a small dot to the center of the grey, and stick it to the middle of the heads. They should be touching so they are stuck together. If you need you can hit glue them together beforehand. Wrap the ends of the grey around the back of the bow and glue it in place. Add nail polish to the ends of the grey ribbon. This will keep it from fraying.

Step 4: Making the Bow Tails

Repeat step 2 to make the tails but do not fold them in half when you sew them. Place hot glue along the front of the sewn edge and connect it to the back of the bow. Place it at an outward angle and slightly to the side. Do the same with the other piece. Next cut a V- shape into the ends of each tail. Paint the ends of the tails with clear nail polish.

Step 5: Decorating

You can decorate any way you want to. Try experimenting with different colors, glitter, or iron ons. Have fun!
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