Introduction: How to Make a Crochet Pattern From a Cross Stitch Picture

Hello. This is my first instructable and I wanted to do something that would be simple to explain and understand. So let's hop to it!

Step 1: Find a Cross Stitch Picture That You Like

If you search "Cross Stitch Picture" on Google, a ton of results will pop up. If there is something specific that you want to crochet like Disney or Anime, be sure to include that in your search.

*For a beginner I would suggest doing something simpler with a large background and not a lot of small details, as you will need to switch colors a lot and you don't want the yarn tails to get tangled up while you are working.

**Also keep in mind what you want this project for ((ie: a baby blanket, a rug, or a blanket for yourself, etc.))

Step 2: Gauge the Image

Take note of how the picture is set up. It's like a grid.
So consider each one of those squares as a stitch. If you want an adult/teen sized blanket or a long rug, you will need to add to the pattern. I did not take pictures of my process but I had decided to make a blanket for myself, so I tripled the gauge of the picture ((which was 50x50)) and added 25 rows vertically. It all depends on how it measures against you. I would only do this for one with a large background and little to no small details. Large backgrounds give you a lot of space to play with. Just make sure that if you choose to take that path, you enlarge somewhere that it won't affect the main picture. Sketch it out on a piece of graphing paper first to get an idea of how it will look

When you enlarge, it should be by 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. Don't do it by 2/3, 2 1/2, etc.
And when you enlarge make sure to write it down!!! That way you don't forget how you enlarged it if you take a break, which I suggest you do so as to avoid cramps and severe boredom and repetition.

*also if you are using a rectangular picture, chain the length of the longest side and measure it to make sure that it will lay for its intended use, then do the same with the shorter side as well. DO THIS ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE ENLARGING!!!

Step 3: Continued...

Remember in the last step how I said every square was a stitch? When you're enlarging each one of those square would be multiplied by however you're enlarging it. For example, I enlarged mine by 3x so each little square was equal to three. each one up the side was three rows and each one horizontally was three stitches.

Now, these will require quite a bit of color changing so the next step will explain the best way to to that.

Step 4: Color Switching

In crochet, color switching helps make for a more intricate looking design or a fun touch!

The best way that I've found to switch colors is to continue with the stitch as normal until you are left with the last two loops on your hook, then make a loop eight the color that you are switching to, just like you did when you started, and pull it through. Then just continue as normal. It's simple, yet looks beautiful

Step 5: Tedious..

This is the tedious step of actually going through with this and sticking it out while you crochet. Make sure you have some sort of entertainment in the background!

Step 6: And You're Done!!

Take a step back and admire your finished product!!

*keep in mind that you can iron it to get it to lay flatter

*also keep in mind that you can go to a local printing shop to get the picture enlarged, or get a piece of grid paper and do it yourself!!

Happy crafting!

Step 7: Additional

If you choose to transfer the design to a piece of grid paper, you can also add things in the background to add a personal touch. Make sure you trace it out on the paper.

*i suggest marking the grid squares with "x"'s so you can count. I would also suggest if you do that to leave the background blank to reduce confusion, but if you have another system, such as marking the boxes with colored sharpies, that works perfectly well.

*This makes a great gift for anyone as there are so many pictures out there!!

Happy Crafting!

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