Introduction: How to Make a Door Open Using Signs

About: hi, i am 11 years old. i play minecraft alot. tell me some instructables to do

In this instructable i will show you how to make a door open using signs like redstone but in minecraft pe

Step 1: Building

Find a flat place. Then place a block and put the door next to it. Close the door and mine the block

Step 2: Continue Building

Add blocks all over the door and expand it by 5 blocks on each side

Step 3: Digging

Now this is tricky, you now have two sides: one side with no door and the other side with door. Start with the side that don't have a door. Dig 3 blocks and dig 6 blocks straight until you reach the door. At the door dig 3 blocks and dig two blocks until you reach the first dig.

Step 4: Sand

Dig 2 blocks in left and right sides and put a cactus

Step 5: Signs

Place signs like at the pictures...

Step 6: Another Sand

Now place 5 blocks of sand at the sign you putted next to the door. Put sand at the side that don't have a door. You will see the door has opened. If you have any question go to