Introduction: How to Make a Double Heart Bookmark

Since Valentines Day is coming up,I thought I would try to make an ible to acknowledge it, an origami double bookmark.

Step 1: Materials

You will need paper;scissors;and a sharpie[optional].

Step 2: Making the Square

Place the paper to where the longest edges are vertical.Take one of the top corners and fold it over to the opposite edge so that the top edge lines up with one of the long edges. Cut off the excess.

Step 3: Starting

Unfold the fold you used to cut the square, and fold on the other diagonal. Turn the paper over. Fold one edge over to the opposite edge. Turn the paper back over

Step 4: Making the Water Bomb Base

Take the edges perpendicular to the horizontal fold. Pinch at the fold,then bring the edges together. You have made the water bomb base!

Step 5: Starting the Heart

Fold the bottom corners of the first layer up to the top point and unfold. Grab the top half of the first layer and lift it to the top point. Take the bottom corners and fold them into the top center. Fold the first layer back down.

Step 6: Finishing the Heart

Fold the bottom edge of the first layer up to the crease at the top of the diagonal folds. Fold the top left and right corners down,the same way you did to make the square. Open the top up and squash fold the corners. You may have to look at the picture for the next step. Fold the middle corners in, to make points at the bottom. Fold the bottom points in, and then fold the entire top layer back up.

Step 7: Completed Single Bookmark

This is what you should get when you are done. Repeat steps 5-7 to get the double bookmark. You can use the sharpie to color the bookmark.

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