Introduction: How to Make a Drag Facing Car

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Hey guys this is a tutorial to build a drag racing car you need white carpet,black carpet,red carpet,black wool,quartz stairs ,and a quartz block

Step 1: The Body

So you need to make a k put of Quartz block then skip one block then make a 1 by 2

Step 2: Back

On the rear end put one block on top as shown

Step 3: The Rear Spoiler

On the back of that quartz block you put earlier put a upside down Quartz stairs then on top out a line thats 3 Quartz block as shown

Step 4: The Cockpit

On the back of the block that has the rear spoiler on it put a quartz block

Step 5: Roof

Put a upside down Quartz stairs were you put the cockpit block in step 4 as shown

Step 6: The Wings

Put a quartz block behind the k part and do that on the other side as shown

Step 7: The Wheels

Put a black block as shown

Step 8: Hubcaps

Put white carpet on the wheels

Step 9: Decoration

Put the red wool and the black wool were shown

Step 10: Seats

Dig out two blocks and put black wool

Step 11: Show It Of

Show of your new car thanks and have a good day

Step 12: Remember

Okay comment on what next idea you want me to do and your idea will be posted on the building that you tell me to do