Introduction: How To..... Make a Fortune Teller! I Promise This Is Awesome!

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Step 1:

You will need a piece of paper, 4 different color crayons, colored pencils, or markers,scissors, a pencil.

Step 2:

Take your piece of paper and fold it like a sailboat.

Step 3:

Now where the crease is, cut across the bottom with your scissors.

Step 4:

Now unflid your paper and you will see it as a square with 1 crease. Fold it from a different corner and as you see will make 2 creases

Step 5:

Now fold all the flaps inward as I did.

Step 6:

Now flip it over to the other side, an again fold the flaps inward.

Step 7:

Now fold the side as I did in the picture.

Step 8:

TRICKEY PART!! Thumb and index finger in only hole. Now do that with the other side. Once your thumbs and index fingers are in the right holes, you will be able to move your fortune teller

Step 9:

Now number it one throught eight . Now lift the flaps and right what fortunes you want.

Step 10:

So for example ask a friend to pick a color. They say green. Move your thumbs back and fourth spelling G-r-e-e-n say pic a numb they say 2 go one two. Pick another number they say 4 one two three four them lift up four read their fortune! PLEASE COMMENT IF U LIKE THNX:)