Introduction: How to Make a High Quality Duct Tape Wallet!

 Hello! This instructable will show you how to make high quality duct tape wallet! The wallet we will be making is a tri-fold. I will show you how to do a couple different things to personalize your wallet too! So thanks for reading and I hope it helps you!

Step 1: Supplies

First you need to gather all your supplies.
You oviously need duct tape. I have a picture of my whole duct tape collection. Most was purchased at walmart so it should be pretty easy to get.
Then you need a ruler, to help with straight lines, an exacto knife ( or something like it), and it helps A LOT if you have a cutting mat. You can get those at almost any craft store like Hobby Lobby. Also you will need clear packing tape.

Step 2: The Duct Tape "Fabric"

First pick your colors. For now we are just going to stick with two but after you actually get the hang of making the wallet you can experiment with using different numbers of colors. 

1st picture: You need to make a strip of duct tape "fabric" that is 9 inches in width and 7 1/2 inches tall. You can see that I used the lines on my cutting mat to help with measuring so if you have one it will help out a lot. Make sure you start with a strip that is longer than 9 inches. So just take one strip of duct tape and cut it to be a longer than 9 inches. Then flip it over so the sticky side is facing up.

2nd picture: Now take another peice of duct tape basically the same length as the first and put it about half way up the first peice. So what you have should look like what is in this picture.

3rd picture: So now you take one of the sticky parts of the tape and just fold it over.
4th picture: Now flip that over just like the first time

5th picture: Then add another peice of tape. keep adding tape and flipping it over and adding another peice untill you get it to where the last piece you put on is at 7 1/2 inches. Then add one more piece and fold that one over so that you have a peice of duct tape fabric that is 7 1/2 inches long.

6th picture: When you get that all you have to do is use the ruler and exacto knife to cut excess of each edge. Make sure its exactly 9 inches and try your hardest to get it straight.

If you don't get it, message me or leave a comment and I'll try to explain it better.

Step 3: Making the Wallet Part

1st picture: Now fold the fabric in half. This will be the part that you put the money in.

You will need to pieces of tape about 4 inches long

2nd picture: Take one peice and line up the edge with the bottom of the wallet then stick the other side of the wallet to the rest of the tape. Once you have the two sides connected open it up with your fingers like in the picture and bend the tape over the edge and stick it to the inside. Do that on the other side so that you have a closed wallet!

So fold it into thirds so that each ... thingy is 3 inches long. The wallet is done! Now we just have to customize it.

Again, if you don't get it leave a comment or message me so I can try and explain it better.

Step 4: Customizing: ID Sleeve

To make a sleeve to put your ID in you will need a piece of duct tape fabric that is 3 1/2 inches tall and a little less than 3 inches, but a litle more that 2 1/2 inches in width. Its best it you just take a card (ID or credit card or whatever) and meausre it just to be sure. It should be a little bit bigger than the card on all four sides.

1st picture: Take the fabric and center whatever card you are using on it. Use a marker and trace around the card. (make sure you do this on the opposite side of what you want to be facing out.) Than take your ruler and exacto knife and cut a little inside the lines of that. Make sure you cut it in enough that its a little less as wide as a piece of packing tape.

2nd picture: Now take your packing tape and take one piece, lay it sticky side up, and put another piece right on top of it, sticky side down. This is a little tricky and you won't be able to make it without any bubbles. It may be smooth but there will always be little bubbles in there. Thats okay.

3rd picture: Now tape the packing tape to the back of the picture frame-esque thing. Flip it over and there is your sleeve!

4th picture: Now all you have to do is tape it into your wallet. I always put these in the middle but you don't have to if you don't want to. Don't forget to leave a side un taped so you can slip a card in. It can be either the top, or either of the sides. I always do the right side. I recomend cutting the pieces you use to tape this in with the knife because then you get a clean edge instead of just a ripped edge you would get if you ripped the tape by hand. In my picture you can sorta see the bubbles that are in my packing tape. Thats ok. You will almost never get around that.

Step 5: Customizing: Making Credit Card Slots.

Now to make the credit card holders. They need to be about 3 1/2 long and you can decide how tall you want them. Just make sure your card will fit in them.

I could only get 2 to fit on one thing. They have to go the way you see in the picture though because if you tried to make them go so that where you put the credit card in, will face where you put the money in, its not big enough. The credit cards are a little shorter than 3 1/2 inches and the sections are only 3 inches so it wont fit.

This step is probably the easiest so I'm not even going to explain it. All you have to do is make the things and tape them in. Do one at a time and don't forget to tape the bottom of the strip. The first time I did this I forgot to and the cards just slip out. lol.

Step 6: Customizing: Making a Place for Coins

You can fill the other slot up with another ID holder, or more credit card slots, but I always make a place to put the coins. This is sorta complicated so if I don't explain very good message me or comment and I will try my darndest to explain better..

1st picture: You need 4 pieces of duct tape fabric. Make it exactly the same way as all the others. One that is the main part. This can be up to 3 1/2 inches in width, and as long as you want as long as it is under 3 inches. This will be called piece 1.
Piece number 2 will be the same size as P1. You can make this a different color if you want.
Pieces 3 + 4 will be the same sizes. They need to be the same length as the first to pieces  but about half as wide.

2nd picture: Now law P2 aside. Take P1 and P3+4. Lay P1 in the middle and P3 on one side and P4 on the other. Make sure they are all right up agains each other. Take a piece of duct tape and tape P1 and P3 together. I used a different color duct tape but you don;t have to. Now take another piece and tape P1 and P4 together.

3rd picture: Now fold it where P1 and P3 met, and where P1 and P4 met. Then fold P3 in half (out) and P4 in half (out). it should look like this when fliped over.

4th picture: this is a little hard to explain but when you fold it back together all you should see is P1. P3 + P4 should be folded in underneath P1... So folded all up position it in the middle of your section you are taping it to. Now hold down P3 and let the rest unfold. Keep a hold on P3 and tape it down.

Step 7: Customizing: Making a Place for Coins Cont.

1st picture: So after you tape P3 and P4 down it should look like this.

2nd picture: So now take P2 and fold it in half. Stick it under the tape you used for P3 + P4 until its up the it's half mark. If you can't make if secure with the tape you used for P3 + P4 than just add some.

3rd picture. After you do that then tape the oposite side down. Now you have a little pouch to put your coins in!

Step 8: Customizing: Making a Place for Coins Cont.

Now the puch is done! I added self adhesive velcro dots to it so that I can close it.

The second picture is just to show you what it looks like. You can pull it out so that it gets bigger.

You could stop now if you want, or you could go on to the next customizing step!

Step 9: Customizing: Decorating the Wallet

1st picture: You will need to go out and find a picture on the net, copy and paste it into word (or any other program like it) and resize it if necessary. Then print! Mine looks funny becase I accidentaly printed it on purple paper. So after you print it cut it out. There is no reason to cut the inside out. Like the insides of the peace sign.

2nd picture: Now tape the picture down. Cut around the outside. Its okay to cut through the tape you used to tape the picture down. Also cut the little things on the inside out. You will just have to press a little hard to get through both the paper and the tape.

3rd picture: Take the picture and excess tape off. Now you make have to go over your cuts again.

4th picture: Peel away the extra tape and you should have your design!

5th picture: Now you are ...... DONE! Finally!

Step 10: Finally! OVER!

I like the tri-fold wallet because I think it's the easiest to customize. You could do exactly what I did or anything else you want! If you wanted all credit card holders, that would be fine! Just experiment with it to get exactly what you want. I once made a superman one! It was dark blue and the cards, and coin holder where yellow and red. I also made a superman sign to put on the front. So you can do WHATEVER! I really hope this helped you and if you have any questions or don't understand something just comment and I will try to get back to you! Yay!