Introduction: How to Make a Line Graph

Have you ever wanted to show something's growth in an easy to understand way you actually can! It is called a graph more specifically it is a line graph. A graph is something that allows one to track something's growth much more easily than you could just by looking at the numbers. One example of a line graph is Shown below.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a pencil, graphing paper (if you do not have that then you can use a ruler and regular blank paper.) some data to make a graph with and finally yourself. A picture of graphing paper is down below.

Step 2: First Step

          First, draw a half square on your paper using the lines on the graphing paper.  If you don't have graphing paper use the ruler to draw the half square The half square should be large enough for what you want to put on the graph. What I mean by a half square is shown below

Step 3: Second Step

Then add labels to the left and bottom lines that make up the half square. They have to be related in some way. For example the left line might have The number of people in New York. Additionally the bottom line must have something to do with time. The bottom line then would be the years of which the data was gathered. Another example would be of the left line had the temperature of a year then the. Bottom line would have the months of which were in the year. An example is done below

Step 4: Final Step

     After That place the data that you gathered as dots onto the graph. Finally after doing that you can connect the dots with a line so that you can can see the growth and decline of what you are tracking. Congratulations you have made a graph.