Introduction: How to Make a Micro Catapult

Step 1: Materials

1-Paperclip 2-A small amount of paper 3-Pliers 4-Glue (Optional)

Step 2: The Paperclip Prep

With pliers, bend the end of the Paperclip upwards slightly maybe about 75-80 degrees and test it a couple of times to make sure it doesn't flip over your finger. If it does, make the bend further toward the center a little bit.

Step 3: The Ammo

Crumple up the little piece of paper so it is as round as you can get it. Make a few of these. Other variations- you can cover the paper ball with glue to ensure that it stays togather

Step 4: Shooting It

Place the paper on the opposite end of the side you bent it on. Then, line your finger up with the bend and put your finger down fast. The paper should fly out and the paper clip should stay under your finger. Have fun!