Introduction: How to Make a Mideval House in MC

Step 1: Items

You will need
Nether brick
Quarts block
Wood planks
Stone bricks
And funiture of your choice

Step 2: Making Floor and Posts

Make 4 spruce posts going up and a floor in the area of the posts

Step 3: Budder...

Step 4: Front Wall

You can do this any way you like this is just the way i did it

Step 5: Toping Off

Step 6: Side Wall

Both sides need to be the same or else it looks like crapola

Step 7: Other Side

Step 8: Back Wall

Step 9: Roof

The roof is made of stone brick planks do not add corners

Step 10: Actual Roof

Cover all the top of the blocks and entirior

Step 11: Door

Step 12: Furniture

Step 13: Enjoy