Introduction: How to Make a Park Bench

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Hey I'm and going to show you how to make a park bench. You can use this guide to put a park bench in your very own

Step 1: Seats

Put three stairs in a straight line

Step 2: Table

Put a line of stairs that's 3 long facing the ones you put before

Step 3: Table Part 2

Put 3 stairs behind the stairs that you put in step 2 except face the other direction shown here

Step 4: Seats

Put a line of 3 stairs behind the stairs that you in step three

Step 5: Enjoy

Put this in to a park

Step 6: How to Get Your Idea on My Tutorial

To get your idea to be built post a comment what to built and your idea will be shown on the tutorial that has your idea thanks for looking at my video follow favorite and comment in the comment section bellow thanks have a good day bye