Introduction: How to Make a Simple Affective Food Trolley!

This will not be so hard, just follow instructions and have fun making your own food trolley!

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Timber

2. Screws

3. Paint

4. Wheels

5. Paint Brushes

6. Filler

7. Drill

8. Drill Bits

9. Clamps

10. Sand Paper

Step 2: Measure and Get Pieces Cut

Before cutting the pieces that are needed, make sure measurments are set.

Cut 4 pieces of the polygon 22cm*35cm*45cm

Cut 3 pieces of the rectangle 45cm*80cm

Cut 2 pieces of the small rectangle support legs 8cm*35cm

Cut the last piece which is the upper piece 45cm*8cm 

Step 3: Putting Pieces Together

Drill the polygon the the triangle from the sides, as shown in the picture. And then drill the second piece of rectangular wood to the two lower polygons.

Step 4: Second Layer

Screw the two other polygons to the second layer rectangle.

Screw the two legs to the second layer triangle as shown in the picture.

Step 5: 3rd Layer

Screw the third layer rectangle to the two the polygons and the two legs.

Step 6: Filler

Use the filler to fill the empty spaces in wood, so it doesn't harm anyone, and it doesn't look weird .

Step 7: Sand Paper

Sand it off after the filler drys off, so it's not bumpy it should be smooth and ready to be painted.

Step 8: Add the Top Piece

Screw the upper piece of the trolley to the trolley.

Step 9: Start Painting

Start painting, start from up and then go down.

Step 10: Painting Again

Wait for it to dry, and paint it again. Painting again is a choice if you want it to be darker.

Step 11: Add Wheels

The thing is to add wheels, and you're trolley is done.