Introduction: How to Make a Sky House

You will need
Lots of blocks of whatever kind you choose

Enough bricks for a roof on however big your house is

Step 1: Building to the Sky

First you build a stack of blocks into the sky

Step 2: The Floor

Secondly you make a floor on top of the stack.

Step 3: Breaking the Blocks

Then you break the blocks under the floor so no one will find there way to your house

Step 4: Walls

Then you put your walls up

Step 5: Roof

You take the block that you builded with and make a straight roof then a slanted roof with bricks

Step 6: Decor

As for decorating the door space will have to be 3 by 3 blocks so you won't have to squeeze through a tiny door space then you can put up lights and you're finished

If you build your house so high then after a certain point you will not be able to build any higher

This house was made for creative mode