Introduction: How to Make a Support for Your Guitar Wall Brace

Supplies 1x guitar wall hanger thingy I picked one up from the Internet for about four pounds (roughly six dollars) One bracket the size of your guitar depth (I picked one up from a hombase near me an it costed about fifty pence) 5x screws 1x pencil 1 roll of tape (your choice of colour and type)

Step 1: Fitting the Brace

I am not sure of the real name for the brace but that's what I call it. First of you must have a brace before fitting the support as you will later need it as a reference First choose the position of your brace and mark it with your pencil.

Step 2: Fixing the Brace

Start by screwing in the screws half way and constantly check with a spirit level that it is level. When you are confident it is level screw it in completely

Step 3: Adding Support

As I am always in my room on my guitar I feared that I might knock it off so decided to add more support. First put your guitar on the brace and allow it to hang freely, then mark where the bottom of the guitar reaches with a pencil

Step 4: Screwing in the Support

Start to screw in the bottom support checking that your guitar fits it. Finally coat the support in tape that matches your guitar support to stop the guitar from being visible and to prevent scratches