Introduction: How to Make a Youtube Cover Song

This Series is not complete yet, I'm still making this Video Series. Updates will happen when the next video comes out.

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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to make this series to help anyone learn how to make a cover of a song. There is not a lot of good tutorials on how to make a cover. If anyone has a question don't hesitate to ask contact me by E-mail, twitter or Instagram.

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Here is a list of everything that I use everyday to bring covers to you guys.


Pearl Drums: Pearl Export series EXR kit and EXX 22 in Bass 16 in Floor tom 14 in Floor tom 12 in Rack tom 10 in Rack tom 14 in Snare

Zildjian Cymbals 14in ZHT Mastersound HiHats 18in A Medium Thin Crash

Sabian Cymbals 20 in ride 16 in medium thin crash

Audio Interface FireStudio Project 8 channel interface

Cameras: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

DAW: Logic Pro X by apple

Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Mics Digital Reference 4 piece drum mic set Overhead - Zoom H2N Handy recorder

Vic Firth: Vic firth titans sticks/ 5B Shogun


Bass - Powerstroke 3 Snare - Coated Emperor X Toms - clear pin stripes

Step 1: Youtube Copyright

Youtube Copyright plays a big part in how you make your cover. If you don't do your research on the song you want to cover, you might end getting a copyright flag or even strike on your YouTube channel. Pick your songs carefully and you won't end up with that big of a problem. There is this handy tool that you can use on YouTube that will actually tell you if a song is blocked or not. Lets say you record a cover and it's a very popular song and you don't do your research, it could be blocked world-wide and you cannot do anything about it, except for changing the pitch a whole bunch. It would suck if you couldn't use the cover that you just put all of that hard work into, thats why I think doing your research on your song is so important to do, thats just in my opinion. In the video above I show you how to do all of this stuff I just explained.

Hope this helps guys.