Introduction: How to Make an Effective Instructables Material List

For this tutorial i will be using a piece of software that i made. You can find a tutorial / guide to that here:

This tutorial will guide you through how to make an effective materials list with a piece of software that you can then put on instructables. The list will be saved in a .txt format from the software so you can just copy it from there into your instructable !!!

Latest version of software:

Now there is an editor !

Step 1: Quick Tutorial

Using the fields under the subtitle 'Add New' Fill out according to the product / thing and then when you are finished editing then click the add button. Don't forget to check add to pre set gallery if you want to save the item.

When you click something on the list to the right of the form if you have correctly selected an item then you will be able to see its name in the remove field, just click the button with a '-' sign in it to remove that item from the list.

When the program is first run it will create a file called library in the folder that the application is currently in. This will contain items that you add to it from the software. You can use multiple libraries by moving them in/out of the applications folder.

Saving is pretty simple just go to the file menu and click save as... or save if you have already saved it in a location. For instructables list making see next step =>

Step 2: Making an Instructables List

This isn't much different from saving a list all you have to do is click on the button that says make instructables material list and select location and name for the file to be saved. When that has done find the file in your favourite text editor and copy the contents into your instructable.

Step 3: Extras

The link to download the latest version:

I would like to hear some suggestions on improvements, i.e. more file types (I am trying to find a free one at the moment), different layout.

If I get enough requests then I will post a pre set editor up as well . Have Fun.

Request Pre set Editor: Click Here

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