Introduction: How to Make Awesome Coffee in a Chem-ex!

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Works like a charm and it's dead simple! Promise.

Step 1: Allons-y!

Begin with 1 tablespoon of medium ground coffee and a #4 cone filter. Place the seam in the spout to prevent it from moving about, or use a tiny bit of warm water to wet the edges of the filter.

Step 2: The Secret: Sugar!

Add one quarter teaspoon of sugar (or even an eighth of a teaspoon, if you prefer) to the dry grounds. Spread evenly.

Step 3: Water!

Give the water you use the chance to boil for a good minute, and take off of the heat for at least another minute. We're aiming for a temperature between 190-200 degrees fahrenheit.

Step 4: Let It Be.

Let all the water drain through the filter and then walk away.

Step 5: Seriously, Walk Away.

Allow the coffee five minutes to absorb the liquid and to fully expand, releasing its oils.

Step 6: Have at It!

Pour hot water (again, rotating the pour inward) until the filter is almost filled to the brim.

Step 7: Allow to Drain

Allow all the water to drain fully into the lower part of the vessel, along with all its delicious oils.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Enjoy hot or over ice! (For one cup of iced coffee, I advise using three tablespoons of grounds instead of two.)