How to Make Awesome Coffee in a Chem-ex!

Introduction: How to Make Awesome Coffee in a Chem-ex!

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Works like a charm and it's dead simple! Promise.

Step 1: Allons-y!

Begin with 1 tablespoon of medium ground coffee and a #4 cone filter. Place the seam in the spout to prevent it from moving about, or use a tiny bit of warm water to wet the edges of the filter.

Step 2: The Secret: Sugar!

Add one quarter teaspoon of sugar (or even an eighth of a teaspoon, if you prefer) to the dry grounds. Spread evenly.

Step 3: Water!

Give the water you use the chance to boil for a good minute, and take off of the heat for at least another minute. We're aiming for a temperature between 190-200 degrees fahrenheit.

Step 4: Let It Be.

Let all the water drain through the filter and then walk away.

Step 5: Seriously, Walk Away.

Allow the coffee five minutes to absorb the liquid and to fully expand, releasing its oils.

Step 6: Have at It!

Pour hot water (again, rotating the pour inward) until the filter is almost filled to the brim.

Step 7: Allow to Drain

Allow all the water to drain fully into the lower part of the vessel, along with all its delicious oils.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Enjoy hot or over ice! (For one cup of iced coffee, I advise using three tablespoons of grounds instead of two.)

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    9 years ago

    Use the same grounds. The point is to prep them by wetting them first, giving them a little time to fully release the oils within the grounds.


    9 years ago on Step 7

    I'd like to try this method, but I'm a little confused. You say to pour water in the filter and walk away for 5 minutes. Then you say to pour water in again. Are you using the grounds twice? Or is the first water just a small amount to wet the grounds. You don't say. I've read the instructions several times and there seems to be a lack of detail on this one point.


    9 years ago

    A chem ex is a specific glass vase-like vessel in which one brews coffee. In "black plus one" you're pouring already brewed coffee onto one full teaspoon of granulated sugar. In this method the sugar serves as less of a sweetener, and more as a way to enhance the flavor of the coffee as it's brewing. (Hence the use of such a negligible amount.)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    What makes this "Chem-ex", and not just "black with one"?