How to Make Compost Tea for CHEAP!

Introduction: How to Make Compost Tea for CHEAP!

This is just a quick little walk-through about about How I Make Compost Tea for CHEAP! 

You know me, I'm all about doing things without spending any money.  Here is another classic example of something that you can do to improve your life, become more self-sufficient, and reduce your impact on our world and it won't cost you anything.

Ok, it may cost you $2.00 to get you a burlap bag for your compost but most of us have these plastic tubs laying around and most of us have compost.  If you don't have an air pump, then go out and stir your tea several times a day and make sure to leave the lid off instead of covering it MUST get air!

Hopefully, after you watch this video you will know how to make compost tea for cheap and you will see that anybody can make compost tea.

One more thing, Never, Never, Never use your city water to make your compost tea.  The chloramines in the water will inhibit the growth of Aerobic Bacteria and your tea will be useless and quite possible harmful to your plants.

You plants will love you!

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    Question 5 years ago on Introduction

    Good day! What will be the good source of water in making compost tea? For hydroponic. Thank you


    7 years ago

    Definately going to try this, thanks for posting