Introduction: How to Make Paper Mâché Without Using Liquid Glue!

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Hi guys,
Today I decided to make an instructable on how to make paper mâché without using liquid glue because it's a way that uses glue but a different type which most people have!! If you go to school you'll have it!
Let's get started.............


. Hot water and cold water
. A cup/container(I use a plastic recyclable one)
. A mixing tool(what ever you have in your house)
. A piece of paper
. Clear school glue stick
. Toilet paper or paper towels
. Scissors
. A bench of some sort
. A place/cutting mat(optional)
. A microwave(optional) -it'll help a lot but it's still optional!
And that's about it!

Step 2: Adding the Ingredients

Put ten drops of cold water in the container/cup and 25 drops of hot water in the cup/container!
Then take off the cap of the glue and cut the top of the glue stick off and add it to the water!(look at photos)
Then mix... If the glue is not dissolved stick it in the microwave for 5 seconds mixing throughly after each 5 seconds also making sure it's not burning!
Then quickly cut up some pieces of paper into the sizes you need depending on what you're putting the paper mâché on!
Then add the paper in and then shake carefully in a circle either clock-wise or anti-clockwise!
Then set that aside for a minute or two...

Step 3: Drying the Paper Mâché

By the way when I mean drying I mean just taking out the excess liquid!

Lay approx. 5 layers of folded toilet paper/paper towels on the bench
Then just simply pour the mixture onto the folded toilet paper/paper towels as well as the pieces of paper!
Then take approx. 3 more layers of folded toilet paper/paper towels and lay them on top of the paper mâché pushing down to take out all the excess liquid!
Then leave that to sit for approx. 40 seconds!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

While the paper mâché is sitting to the side get the thing that your putting this mâché on ready so you don't have to look everywhere for that thing later..
To get ready your thing for the mâché you'll need to put a thin layer of glue onto the object!
Then remove your pieces of paper from the toilet paper/paper towels!
Then add your first layer of paper mâché and then add some more glue on top of that being careful to not take the first layer of mâché of the object!
Then do the same with your second layer of mâché and so on!
Then once your done covering the object with the paper Mâché leave it over night standing upright!

Step 5: You're Done!! "Bravo!"

Well done you've finished making your mâché!!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!
By the way the photo is of a LPS I already put paper mâché on...
:) :3 :D

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