Introduction: How to Make Pure RoseWater

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RoseWater is an all natural astringent that is great for pale or dry skin! It can also be used to add flavor to drinks or in any kind of cooking you wish to add awesomeness too! And incase you have not already infered,,,, rosewater smells just like roses! :-)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
* rose petals (2-3 quarts will produce anything from a pint to a quart of rose water) make sure the rose petals have not been sprayed with chemicals
* water ( the amount depends on how many petals you have)
* ice cubes or crushed ice
* a pyrex bowl or a heat resistant bowl
a brick (i used a half a brick but a whole is fine- if you are using an old brick like me you might want to wash it first! :-P )
* a medium size pan with a lid that curves

Step 2: Getting It All Situated

In your pan place the brick in the center and your pyrex bowl on top. Now place the rose petals around the brick, they should reach about the top. Pour just enough water to cover your petals, which should be just above the brick.

Step 3: Boiling and All That Jazz

place the lid of your pan upside down and began boiling until it reaches a rolling boil; when that is achieved turn the heat down to low. when it begins boiling again place a lot of ice in the lid.

Step 4: Your Home Still!

this has now created a home still in which the water will evaporate and then hit the cold top and drop back down into your bowl. every 20 minutes or so quickly lift the lid and extract around 2 tablespoons from your pyrex bowl.

Step 5: The End Result

the rose water will be what is left in the pan after all the distilled water is left in the bowl.