Introduction: How to Make SR-2 Paper Gun That Shoots

SR-2 is the Russian submarine gun. The purpose of this instruction to make a a paper gun that actually shoots. The trigger system allows the paper gun to shoot a target up to 10 meter away.

WARNING: Never point the paper gun at a police officer! Otherwise, you will be shot for real.

Made by: Talgat Pardabekov, Mengda Ding

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

  • Tons of paper
  • Hot melt glue
  • Rubber Band
  • Scissors
  • Pen refill
  • Ruler

Step 2: Build Small Tubes for the Gun

Put pen refill on paper's corner. Roll the paper the diameter size of pen refill and tape it when you finish rolling. We used pen refill when rolling small tubes to make tubes the same size. Follow the same procedure to make identical 4 tubes.

Step 3: Build Big Tubes for the Gun

Put small tubes created on previous stage onto a paper and roll it from long side of it. Tape the paper when you finish rolling. Follow the same procedure to create identical 6 tubes.

Step 4: Make Gun Handle

Cut 5 cm long 6 pieces from big tubes. Put pieces together, and make sure they are aligned as seen on the picture. Then, add each piece with glue. Cut 7 cm 2 pieces from big tube and glue them to the rest 6 pieces

Step 5: Make Upper Parts

Put whole 2 big tubes 3 cm apart from each other and glue them. Then, glue them to the handle of the gun as shown in the picture. When we glued each tube to the rest, it usually fell apart from handle part. Thus, it was easier for us to glue whole tubes first and then, glue them to the rest.

Step 6: Compress Small Tubes

Compress 2 small tubes. Place 1 tube into 6th 5cm tube of the handle and shape tube according to the picture. Glue it by making sure that second edge of tube is not glued.

Cut 2nd tube's edges to make it rectangular edges. Glue it starting 7cm handle edge as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Make Second Handle

Cut 7 cm long 3 pieces from big tubes. Align and glue them to each other. Compress 1 big tube and glue it over the handle. Then, glue handle to the gun.

Step 8: Build Tail

Cut 2 pieces, one 10 cm and second 4 cm from big tubes. Glue them perpendicularly to each other as in the picture. Then, glue it to the handle tail.

Step 9: Make Trigger

Cut 10 cm and 13 cm 2 pieces from small tubes. Bend each tube pieces according to pictures. Place 1 tube inside 7 cm and 5 cm handle tubes. Glue its long edge as shown in the picture.

Put rubber band onto 2nd tube and tape it. Place 2nd tube into the gun barrel and stick rubber band onto the barrel front.

Step 10: Have Fun